About Us

Why Elements Demos?

Hey there, VO enthusiasts,

I’m Rachael. The founder of Elements Demos. I’ve rocked the voice game for two decades, seen demos take flight or flop. As The VoiceOver Network’s mastermind, I’ve dialogued with casting champs, agents, and actors. Guess what? A killer demo is your VIP ticket!

Demos? More than soundwaves. They’re your artistic canvas, revealing your talent, versatility, raw magic. It’s your backstage pass, a worthy investment of time and hard earned cash. 

Over the years people have asked me so many times to recommend a demo producer. It’s become harder and harder after hearing so many that just don’t sound that great, either the direction is wrong, they sound the same or the audio quality just didn’t quite hit the mark. I was getting frustrated and sometimes embarrassed that I made recommendations that were frankly not good ones. 

That is what has inspired and motivated me to establish Elements Demos in February 2023 and work with the brilliantly talented voice actor, sound engineer and award-winning producer Alfonso Lugo. We have put together an incredibly talented team of sound engineers, script writers and directors all working hard to make sure you get the best sounding demo that shows off your skills as a voice actor and a demo you can be proud to show off.

Eager to up your VO game? Let’s roll with Elements Demos!

I’ll catch you in the booth,


Meet the Team

Rachael Naylor

Founder Elements Demos, CEO of The VoiceOver Network, Editor of The Buzz, Magazine and Voice Actor

An established Voice Actor known for being the voice of Virgin Media, as well as credits in multiple video games Wolfenstein: Youngblood (2019), Mutant Year Zero: Seed of Evil (2019) and Diablo Immortal (2022) to name a few. Rachael is an exceptional director and entrepreneur who seeks to empower voice actors and is on a mission to strengthen the voice over industry.

Tom Keegan
Performance Capture Director, Audio Director and Casting Director

Tom is one of the world’s top performance directors for video games. He received a BAFTA nomination for his work on “Wolfenstein: The New Colossus” and his products have won multiple BAFTAs, Game Awards, and the Golden Joystick. His work includes AAA franchises, including Battlefield, Star Wars, Wolfenstein, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, and so much more!

Tom is an exceptional actor-focused director. He combines his decades of experience and study in acting, movement, and directing to bring out the best in performers. He works deeply to find the human nuances in game scripts and translates them into brilliant performances in performance capture volume and voice-over booth. He specialises in performance and storytelling.

Alfonso Lugo
Audio Specialist, Voice Actor, Music Producer

Alfonso Lugo is a music producer, songwriter, composer, guitarist, singer, jingle maker and voiceover talent. He has all the infrastructure and knowledge to develop an integral audio campaign, from the copy, sound effects and engineering, to composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering of music and sound design on any project. He has a strong career in the advertising world, producing original music for TV, theatre and radio commercials and being the voice of recognized brands like Banamex, Burger King, Mercedes Benz, Cloralex, Cinemex, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Cruz Roja Mexicana, Harmon Hall, Bacardí, Spring Air, AT&T, Directv, Smart&Final and California State, among others.

Josie Wratten
Business Manager and Voiceover Artist

Josie Wratten has over 20 years experience as an architectural lighting designer and project manager, and has worked in the voiceover industry since 2020. As Elements Demos’ Business Manager, she brings the same dedication to client’s needs, quality, customer service and on-time deliverables as she did in her corporate background. Josie helps guide voice actors through the demo making process and loves the collaborative process to bring their vision to reality.

Janette Alle
Audio Specialist, Voice Actor, Music Producer

Janette Alle is an audio producer and engineer, she graduated in Digital Music Production Engineering from the Tecnológico de Monterrey. She holds a Master’s Degree in Sound Design from the University of Edinburgh Napier in Scotland. Additionally, she has completed several courses focused on game audio implementation using software such as Wwise, Unreal, Unity, and Fmod at the School of Video Game Audio. Her portfolio includes active participation in the development and production of audio and/or video projects across diverse mediums, including video games, commercials, animatics, radio, cinema, and television. Her work has spanned across various countries, including Mexico, Chile, Australia, the UK, Greece, and the United States.

Emma Campbell
Operations Manager

Emma is an experienced operations management professional with over 8 years of expertise in driving success for early-stage companies and SMEs. Skilled in designing and delivering impactful SaaS solutions and technology ecosystems, with a proven track record of achieving strategic goals. An innovative problem solver with a cross-functional background in operations, finance, communications, and HR. Known for a can-do attitude, commercial acumen, and a passion for improving processes. Collaborative leader who excels at fostering relationships and driving results.