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We believe in being upfront about things. We have a process to what we do and we know that these voiceover demos are good so we like to share! But we also believe in letting people know what they are in for. A VoiceOver demo is an investment in your career.

Our demos are professionally developed by talented artists who have worked in the audio and voiceover industry in the US, Canada, UK and Latin America.

Elements Demos are uniquely placed to give genuine expert advice and guidance to artists at every stage in their career across each genre.

Rachael alone, in the last 10 years, has spoken to more voiceover agents, casting directors and game developers about what they are looking for in their VoiceOver Artists than probably anyone else in the world.

Elements Demos puts all of that knowledge and experience in your corner to make your Demo one which will showcase you in the best possible way.

Set your career alight

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Our inclusive VoiceOver demo package encompasses a seamless journey from concept to creation

Your voiceover demo is a valuable investment in your future, and our unwavering passion is dedicated to securing the best outcomes for you. With a tried-and-true process, we consistently deliver exceptional results.

Let's Connect

We schedule a consultation with every artist. We want you to succeed and only move forward when we know that you will smash it!

Sound Check

We'll assess your capability, strengths, and areas of expertise, as well as checking that your home studio is set up for success.

Aspirational Scripts

Share a list of brands you aspire to work with. We then craft a script that showcases your talent and aligns with your dream opportunities.

Rehearsal Session
(60 Mins)

Fine-tune your delivery and technique during a focused rehearsal session coached by our VoiceOver Demo Production experts.

Recording Session

From the comfort of your chosen studio, experience a fully directed online demo recording that captures your best performance.

Magic Happens!

This is the Magic sauce! Our team of sound engineers work to produce a VoiceOver demo masterpiece of your very own.

Demo Approval

Receive a draft of your demo to review and tweak. Then your finalised demo is ready! You get a high-quality media pack to share.

Website Talent Roster

See your demo on our website's talent roster, and in our agents newsletter increasing your visibility to potential clients and agents.

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