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The Buzz

The Buzz magazine is the only magazine in the world dedicated to the voiceover industry

Immerse yourself in the world of voiceover with “The Buzz” – the ultimate voiceover industry magazine. Discover exclusive interviews, thought-provoking articles, success stories, product reviews, and the latest industry news. Keep your finger on the industry’s pulse with this vibrant quarterly magazine. 

The VoiceOver Network

Strengthening The Industry

Unlock the power of community and learning with The VoiceOver Network (VON).

Connect with professionals from across the industry, including producers, agents, sound engineers, and casting directors. Gain access to voiceover advice, home-studio recording techniques, business tips, and more.

Be part of a supportive network that helps you refine your craft and build your career.


Dive into the world of voiceover with the Voiceover Hour Podcast. Hosted by Rachael Naylor, CEO and Founder of The Voiceover Network. This incredible podcast offers behind-the-scenes insights from top industry professionals. Discover their inspiring journeys, strategies for success, and valuable tips to excel in the voiceover industry. Our very own Alfonso Lugo was even on an episode!